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After December | My New Year’s Resolution | YBC 18

 My New Year’s Resolution

Young Here, welcoming my new resolution. 

At the beginning here we are again to another, splendid, un-orchestrated year. Where we make rules, while we sometimes find ourselves doodling our latest fantasy of how this year will be one of change. One of fame, no blame, upset pain, or stressing out about the littles things. This is our year right? Wrong, in fact i’ve never in my life been more disappointed in a new years resolution then for this year. The fact is, its hard to make-over our ways, and sometimes many of us blame others in order to exchange some sort of reason to why we are stuck in the place thats always stayed the same. So this year, I shoutout all my new years resolutions a big fat sorry. Though, I cant help but feel even more inspired to change, to start, to do, to breatheBringing me to your kick-starter guide in creating habits that will help move you forward in your life, so that in the end you will have the control to limit yourself. 

My New Year’s Resolution | YBC 18


Think about your priorities, then breathe. Figure out your schedule, then breathe. One of the most important things that we do within every second of our lives is breathing. So take a few seconds to clear your mind, before you use your brain. Give your brain some personal time to be clear, still, and focused on the breath. This habit will help you clear your mind, so you wont feel so out of place this year.

I can recount the countless times where id stand stuck, filled with anxiety due to the overwhelming rush of a new year. Maybe because like any new year, this one felt fresh and new. There were more doors that needed to be opened, places to be explored, and people to encounter. So I dropped everything to ask myself how could I continue this year without falling out of my “daily habits?” I say habits because unlike a resolution, habits are systematically hot wired into your subconscious. Making it easier to go through your daily life without the hassle of continuous reminders, remember that your doing this to stay happy and take a leap

My New Year’s Resolution | YBC 18

Take A Leap

This year ask yourself if you’re ready to take that leap into a new lifestyle, vision, and turn into another person! Didn’t anyone tell you, things change when you do. So make the first change, and forget about going back to that ex that constantly tries to bring you down. Its all about saying “no” when you mean it. No one’s on this earth to please you more than yourself, so pump it up and take that first step. One of my biggest let downs last year were distractions, so what do you do when you are distracted? Change your environment! A lot of times we find ourselves making more excuses for things we don’t stick too, but maybe its because of the same crowd you’ve decided to stay glued to. Always remember, you attract who you are. Still with time, all the possibilities are at your hands.

One promise i’ve made myself this year was to not let opportunities pass me by. I spend last year worrying so much about making the right choice that the moment the opportunity appeared in front of me, it also ran away just as quick. Don’t complain to yourself why things aren’t happening for you if you aren’t putting in the work. Remember, you receive whatever you give out into the world. No matter the struggle, loss, or feelings of defeat its up to us in the end to take a risk and stay upbeat!

My New Year’s Resolution | YBC 18

Stay Upbeat

Keep your head up, and push harder from the beginning until you complete your goals. Its all about the energy you want to carry. So if you love something, don’t barely put your energy into it, become passionate about what your focusing on. Let you self become obsessed with whatever you are trying to accomplish this year. The more you put your attention to a skill, or habit the more knowledge you attain from it, while also attain a higher amount of skill to it. Don’t drag yourself into a every month stressing yourself out about what you need to do. Instead try these 5 things to keep you organized and focused :

  1. Morning Pages
  2. Plan Day
  3. Keep space tidy and organized
  4. Smile
  5. Stretch

Stay up to date with your work, while being consistent, persistent, with a bit of pressure!

My New Year’s Resolution | YBC 18

Consistence, Persistence, Pressure!

No one ever said adding a bit of pressure to yourself could go wrong. So why not try ?! Give yourself a weekly objective of priority tasks and habits that you want to stay consistent in, and stick to it! To make things even more interesting. If you don’t complete your priorities for that week, then give yourself a fun little punishment like from running 5 miles to studying for 1 hour more than usual. Test yourself, and your limits. If your serious about your lifestyle change then go for it, every day without a flaking moment. Don’t talk about it, just be about it. One of the most inspirational quote’s come from My all-time favorite musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Like Dr.Frankenfurter, “Don’t dream it, BE IT!”

My New Year’s Resolution | YBC 18

After December 

So After December, have we all learned from our mistakes? Do me a favor and forget about the year resolution, and instead make the lifestyle change you’ve always dreamt of. We all have our highest truest potential waiting for us to blossom. If we were just to change our bad habits into richer, healthier habits, maybe we could learn a few things. Just like you, i’m definitely onto new idea’s, plans, and explorations. Im looking to push myself, just like you should. 

All you have to do is jump.

P.S. Song of the week goes too BOSSY by Keke Palmer, the beautiful sensational singer/actor. This is an anthem to never look back, while keeping forward. 

Always & Forever,


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