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  • The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18
The Era Of LongLine | Men's Fashion | YBC '18

The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18

The Era Of LongLine

Young Here.

Inspired by the Era Of Longline! I’ll usually start my morning with a bit of insight from the weather, then I’ll prepare for the picking. Everyone knows this moment, as you catch a look at your display of fashionable goods. Now tell me you don’t have any longline inside of your wardrobe. Wether you do or don’t the point is i’m officially in love! No not with a person, just a particular style of taste. I find myself constantly going for my tailored longline peacoat.

They say the taller you are, the tighter the fit. I don’t know about you, but I know my coats length.

The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18

Your Coats Length

Walking out the house has never been easier! Sometimes when the weathers complicated, you have to pick a choice between the length. Whenever its raining, I like to add extra length into my outfit. Especially when the days are cold. Everyone knows its easier to stay warm with layers, so buckle up your look. We can even find ourselves stuck between two looks, I go for the most comforting fit. This helps when your posing for any shoot. Ways to increase your posing length include;

  • Neck-Up
  • Poised Posture
  • Attitude
  • Arch 

Speaking of photoshoots, most high fashion brands like Chanel use longline within their shoots. Longline increase’s the models definition, and length. If you find yourself still caught between the two, go for the overall colour.


The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18



Theres nothing more beautiful then adding a touch of color to any look. Whenever you style with basics, adding  color becomes even more stylish! Your buttons, boots, and pants all matter in the equation. So start contrasting your looks with each other to bring out the vibrance. Whenever you find something you like, you always go for color first! This helps to set your aesthetic of any long lined look. Remember that with any inspiration, comes an aesthetic. Aesthetic’s are the theme for your look, which you go by in order to create the right fit! My favorite top five winter colors include;

  • Amber
  • Nude
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Cream

For my look, I paired my jewelry to contrast with my sweater. Inspired by the lovely coat, I added Armani dress pants which helped form of the look. So yes, I do believe I am in-love, with beautiful patterns of longline fashion.

The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18

Beautiful Patterns

Pick your day, and season. Peacoat’s, robes, and cardigans all come in longline. With a variety like that, you’d never get a break. When it comes to coats, I care about the edge. Any edgy look must be sharp, and versatile.

If not then its not the right buy. I like a great seasonal outfit, but weighing the pros and cons of the jacket is very important. Purchasing a trending look rather than something stylish will never keep its worth. Style always comes first. Patterns add attention,  so why not try them in your next look. If its not high fashion its still fashionable. Thinking about a little attitude? Nothing says i’m ready more than your collar.

The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18

The Collar 

Pucker up and play with your collar enough! The collar of any outfit is sure to add a bit of definition, but when you’re working with edge more collar signifies attitude. So for this look, I played around and added in another collard attire. This helps with the theme and base of my overall look. Depending on the jacket, if your longline comes with a collar then try adding a touch of something new. Thats whats so great about longline fashion, its a high premium basic. Basic’s help mold the look of your outfit, so you have a base to begin with. For this look I went with a pointier button up to highlight my aesthetic. So whenever you’re working on a look, always focus on highlighting the details. At the end of the day, if you aren’t loving your look, then change it!

The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18

Love Ur Look

Get mixed up in your pile of fabulous attire, and play around! Longline fashion is my favorite because it changes the guidelines of what is fashion and fashionable. Ever get something abstract in your hands? If not then what are you doing! Use the season for your inspiration, and start gathering your material.Theres always inspiration around the corner, so keep on pushing 🙂

The Era Of LongLine | Men’s Fashion | YBC ’18

At the end of the day, there are countless styles and flavors of fashion that I find myself just discovering!

You never know whats waiting for you.

P.S. The song of the week goes to Coming Of Age by Foster The People, for being a creative musical genius

Always & Forever,


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